Remnants of Past Lives

by Bicycle Sunday

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Kat Sullivan
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Kat Sullivan Tugging at your heart strings, beautifully crafted emo songs. This album is your new best friend Favorite track: I-80 All the Way Out.
Hanna Wilhelm
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Hanna Wilhelm raw emotive but also polished and well put together. Very easy to listen to over and over.
jason thomas
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jason thomas This makes me just wanna snuggle next to an open fire forever and ever and ever Favorite track: Note 19: Five Years After Conyngham.
Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith I love this album so much - an early contender for album of 2013 Favorite track: I-80 All the Way Out.
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released January 17, 2013

Tracks 3, 4, 8 recorded by Jeff Gingrich at 162 Studios in Flushing, MI

Drums for Tracks 1, 2, 5-7, 9-11 recorded by Rick Keefer at TRM studios in Mexico City, Mexico, instruments and Vocals recorded by Joe McAndrew at Half Vegan Pizza Party Studios



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Bicycle Sunday East Lansing, Michigan

Bicycle Sunday is the brainchild of Joe McAndrew, a man who likes cats, coffee, and poetry. Heavily influenced by bands like Pedro the Lion, Mineral, and Death Cab for Cutie, Bicycle Sunday creates melodic, melancholy songs that hurt in all the right ways. ... more

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Track Name: Mountain Top Power Plant Evacuation Plan
We moved in separate directions, just like everyone else
in the movies you were so fond of
That summer I told you I never wanted to leave
And the words fled your mouth so easily

I buried my head in your hands just like i used to
when I was young and so naïve
I wished things were easier
But they couldn't be
Track Name: Note 19: Five Years After Conyngham
You could not utter one collegiate word
To describe the summer that tore you apart

You feared your twenties would swallow you whole,
so you tried your best to forget
The promises you made you knew would never come true
And what you swore could never come undone (if it killed you)

So what’s the use in tearing both our hearts out?
Don’t speak, you’ll swallow your words like when you were eighteen
Track Name: You'll Come to Find Out That It's More Wide Than it is Deep
I remember that night and the words you said as we slipped into things and places more comfortable.
It meant nothing to you, but everything to me.
So much for The City, so much for The Fall
For good friends, and waiting for you.
Track Name: Coping, Mechanisms Break
Time spent was wasted on things said, not meant for your ears,
Not meant for anyone
If you put your ear to my heart
Could you hear what you’ve been searching for?
“You held my heart, you always will, I’m sorry for everything”

Ever is always too late for appologies.
So I learned to bite my tongue and not waste my words on you.
Track Name: Chin Up! Chin Up! You Can't Miss What You Don't Remember
October went on forever and you still harbored thoughts of leaving.
The nights were long, our hearts were heavy and we knew, we knew
No words could be spoke to keep you here.

I thought of what I’d say when you came back, if you came back
"It's been a long year waiting for you!"
Track Name: I-80 All the Way Out
You wrapped your arms around me for the last time
That last day of summer.
Our trip out to the coast didn’t mean as much to you
As it did to me, as it did to me

Like when you told me you never wanted to leave this place, or me
We were only seventeen and the world was ours,
We knew just what we wanted
For everything to be alright.
Track Name: I-80 All the Way Back
We both knew that time had come to say goodbye, so don’t muddy it with your words
“Just let what’s dead be dead” were words to hold onto and keep me from the truth
I feared I already knew
You promised nothing but words I hoped you’d never speak
A year is a long time to waste, a year is a long time to waste
If I could, I’d take back everything I’ve wasted
If I could, I’d take back everything
Track Name: That Sounded a Lot Better In Your Head, Didn't It?
Turns out you’re right, because I’m not fine, like you promised I’d be
Those nights we spent in your bed, while you wished away the spring.
I remember nights you spoke so sweetly about leaving me and moving out East.
And I’ll never know why you can’t ever feel the same in the morning
Track Name: Vernacular Spectacular
Do you remember that night December '04
Us two kids discussed what goes on behind closed doors
and we tried to hold on to our innocence for far too long

Do you recall the temperature, a balmy 33
The snow fell so fast, but landed so gracefully
That was the night that I felt safe
Our words meant nothing, our actions - the same!

So soften the words in your mouth (Spit them out!)
and forget everything that was said, they're only empty promises
to bring us down!
Track Name: Something About Kites
You told yourself to forget everything she said to you
That night you spent with open hearts
You spoke your words, you kept nothing back
And she said “You’re better off alone.”
And you said “I’m better off alone?!”
When you were just a kid, you kept your promises and your head up high
it’s getting harder to do that these days.
She asked “are you alright?”
“yes dear” was far from the truth
(Hoping that you could come back home)
Track Name: From a Whisper Roared, "There's No Turning Back. Not Now, Not Ever."
You wished it wasn’t but you knew it was too late to take back what you said
In better times, not wrought with fear (of self doubt)
Or that the secrets you carried would crush you
Their weight was more than you could bear
You blamed yourself for things you can’t control
And you knew nothing could change this, nothing could change!
Do you remember when you swore you’d let go?
You never let go.