Pale Marble Movie

by Bicycle Sunday

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Chronicling his 24th summer, where he clung to Richard Brautigan's "Revenge of the Lawn" - Joe McAndrew delivers Bicycle Sunday's most ambitious and personal releases yet! Pale Marble Movie hits and hints of love lost, self-realization, nostalgia, and moving forward.


released February 9, 2016

Joe McAndrew - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Rick Keefer - Drums

Instruments recorded by Joe McAndrew at Big Cat-Huna Studios in East Lansing, MI, drums recorded by Jason Sissoyev at The Magic Closet in Portland, OR. Mixed and Mastered by Rick Keefer at Lion's Roar Audio in Portland, OR. Sequenced by Joe McAndrew at Big Cat-Huna Studios in East Lansing Michigan.

Artwork by Tyler Soucy.



all rights reserved


Bicycle Sunday East Lansing, Michigan

Bicycle Sunday is the brainchild of Joe McAndrew, a man who likes cats, coffee, and poetry. Heavily influenced by bands like Pedro the Lion, Mineral, and Death Cab for Cutie, Bicycle Sunday creates melodic, melancholy songs that hurt in all the right ways. ... more

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Track Name: A Resounding Sense of Stability
A poetic need for solitude coupled with
an unrelenting want to feel anything,
This is how my heart broke.
Track Name: Electricity Everywhere
It was a monday and it came by surprise
that you were leaving
and only time could tell if it would be
for good

So what could I say to prove it's different
than before, or before again

I dream of the day you come back from overseas
an elated moment stuck in my head:
With my feet on the ground
and your head on my shoulders
I swore that I loved you and you swore the same
and we'd drive home to our one bedroom apartment
and everything would be fine again

And three months really could change
a man like me
Track Name: Theme From "Pacific Radio Fire"
I don't remember much of the time we spent
on my couch, or in my bed
or the countless hours driving
but what I remember was the way your lips felt
in the morning.
Track Name: I Won't
I know you remember the countless hours I'd try
to pry anything from your mouth
While you were forever away and I was still here
in this house, haunted
by you and all that you left for me to pick back up
it was so dark, I couldn't dig myself out
just yet.

The lesson was much better learned,
some things are meant to just come undone.

"Let's make this a bit more permanent"
Is how you started and ended this.
Track Name: An Infinite Supply of 35mm Film
On the drive back to Lansing
it felt like coming home
because my heart's been with you since then.
You've been living in my head and my heart
since you left
and we came back to the apartment where it all began
and it felt like home, it felt just like home

I hope you know that it's you that's kept me up at night,
You're the reason I can't sleep

So what if I told you, you're all I want
And what if I told you you're all I've got!
Track Name: Home Could be Anywhere
December of the year you turned 18
and ventured out on your own
more middle than west than you'd care to be

A different state
with different faces
that'd never remind you of home

Should I tell you what I've thought each day for the last two years?
That it'd be a privilege to wake up every morning
and tell you how lucky we are.

Would it carry weight, more than the air wasted?
Would it feel right? Could you let go?
Could you learn to call this 'Home"?
Track Name: Pacific Radio Fire
I was surprise to know I still remembered
exactly how my hand felt against your chest.
You swore it'd be long before you'd forget
all those words I wrote those nights, pining over you.

How easy it is to forget, easier still to pick back up
How hard it is to stop from thinking if you ever cared to remember
everything we had, no matter how brief it was.

I don't remember much of the time we spent
on my couch, or in my bed
or the countless hours driving.
But what I remember is the way your lips felt in the morning.
And what I wouldn't give to feel that again
just once, or twice, or from now until ever.
Track Name: Winter Rug
I cleaned the apartment every day
for two weeks
and in two weeks, it accomplished
nothing worth notice

maybe I should say something about your massive presence
in this house, only I ever called home
I'm not sorry you left, I'm just sorry you're still here
breaking my heart, over and over

And even from miles away - you don't care your hold's still on me!
This house is killing me, I'm sure it would you too,
If you had stayed and I had gone, instead

Maybe I should say something about my lack of presence
in your heart
and how it's destroyed me, day by day.
Track Name: The Greyhound Tragedy
It was the summer before I went grey, but after you left
I should have packed my things and moved back home
instead of waiting for something we both knew would never happen:

For you to come back home
in every sense of the phrase
(a hope I'd hold for two more months)

So instead, we'll have the same argument
until we both declare,
"When you get older, I hope you change for the better"
Track Name: Your Father Died This Afternoon
Have I already fallen on deaf ears
or have I not spoken one word of this?

We both know this is for the best,
even if it doesn't feel so now
because we both know
that we deserve much better.

So what would it take to start this over
and take back what we've done?